Remodeling is one of the projects we favor.  We do this with a lot of enthusiasm and heart!  Here is why: we do a lot of work with insurance companies restoring damaged homes to their original state from a result of insurance claims.  This has given us a ton of experience in all areas of residential building and construction.  It also goes to show that the insurance companies that we work with have us on their list of preferred vendors because they trust us to do everything correctly.  

When choosing us to do your remodeling, you will rest assured that we have every area covered from building inspections,  manpower, and even your design and the finishing touches.  Please see our About page to see why the owner is someone you want to work with.

In the year 2015, our company earned numerous awards at the Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards. Red Mountain Restoration & Construction was a runner-up in the categories of Space Renovation, Bath Remodel Under $20,000 and Kitchen Remodel Under $40,000. You can see the details on our Vestavia Forest Place Project page or our blog.