New Roof, New Shade of Shingles - Yes.

Getting a new roof is a huge expense.  However, it usually lasts a long time - at least 15-20 years.  Believe me, my wallet has experienced that pain twice before personally! (We remodeled two of our own personal residences).

Red Mountain Restoration has lots of experience in roofing.  We have special equipment in our inventory just for roofing!  This is good because it keeps the customers' costs down as well.

 We do a lot of house fires, and those homes definitely need a new roof!  Luckily their insurance will cover the cost.  A lot of times homeowners just want the same style, color, and quality they had before.  Mostly because they can't afford to upgrade.  However, usually a color change is not at an additional cost.  Consider changing your roof color when your replace your roof.  Since your old roof had been on there for probably 20 years,  you know the styles have changed since then!  This will increase the value of your home tremendously with a color change.  

Getting a new roof can also decrease your home owner's insurance premium by 10-20%.  Read this article for more info.

Weathered Wood - a popular choice among homeowners here in the South.

Weathered Wood - a popular choice among homeowners here in the South.

These are images of GAF Timberline Lifetime Shingles. 


Any of these choices would be great.  You may even want to consider re-painting your trim to coordinate, or even your entire house.  Either way, you can't go wrong with an updated color.