Cahaba Heights Space Renovation - Weeks 2 & 3

Support beam, framing, plumbing and electrical


This fixer upper is getting a total makeover.   From the parts you can see, to the parts you cannot, this house is getting the works.  Since the main house is being opened up to the back room addition, we have a new support beam in the ceiling.  Before it had the exterior wall  separating the addition from the home, with windows and doorways.  That's not quite what the homeowners had in mind, so they are having it done all in one space.

Some windows on the exterior were actually taken away to make room for upper cabinets for the kitchen.  This room still has plenty of natural light!

As you can see, the plumbing has been created for the master bathroom,  and is being worked on in the kitchen, and laundry room.

All of the electrical is also being done, before any of the walls will be finished in the house. This amount of plumbing and electrical takes time.  So we will see more dramatic results in the next week.