Tanglewood in Vestavia Kitchen Remodel - Cheval Ln


We'd like to introduce you to the first blog post on our new website.

We have an exciting remodel going on to share with you.  It has just begun Monday, March 2, 2015.  For about four days now the homeowners have experienced life without a kitchen, while their old kitchen is being remodeled.  What a relief, no dishes to wash!  As much of a hardship it can be though, they will have a new gorgeous kitchen in the end!  They have already done a lot of the tough decision making.  So now it's just a matter of time...

The existing kitchen space is large with plenty of room for everything you could imagine in a kitchen.  In this renovation, a few changes to the layout will be made.  The entry way to the family room will be widened to about 11 ft.   This will allow for an open concept between the kitchen and the family room.  All demolition has occurred, even the ceiling.  A major element was added, the support beam, whichwas installed in this area before the wall was taken down.  The layout will include all new appliances including a wall oven, a new pantry, and a new island, along with all new cabinetry, counter tops, lighting, flooring, and fixtures.

A coat closet was located behind the kitchen door.  It has been removed to allow space for a new mud room style cabinet. 

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