Tanglewood in Vestavia - Kitchen Remodel Week 3

Week 3 began March 16, 2015.

What will this kitchen look like, you may be wondering? Well nobody knows yet.  But we do know one thing.  The entire view of the kitchen has transformed!  The open concept is now apparent.  What a change!

The bottom two photos of this set are the "befores".  That door opening went to 11 ft.  And there's an existing step between the family room and kitchen - kind of a cool way to showcase the new kitchen on a "pedestal".

The new ceiling looks seamless - way to go guys!

Now that the sheet rock is up and the painting has begun, we can anticipate the arrival of the cabinetry.  But in the meantime, the finishes are being reviewed and considered, to make certain of the choices for this kitchen.  The back splash will be ready to be installed after the cabinets are up.  Then the counter tops can be measured and prepared for installation.

As you know designing a kitchen involves so many choices.  These are difficult choices, since most people don't remodel their kitchen too often.  Even if you think you know exactly what you want, there are always other choices to mix up your thoughts!

Here is just a sampling of what some of the finishes might be in this dramatic kitchen makeover.

We have a white cabinet door (though not the style chosen). We also have a back splash selection, a sample of the island cabinetry finish (espresso), and three samples of hardwood flooring stain finishes. From left to right, 50% Ebony/50% Antique Brown, Antique Brown, Ebony. 

The layout is pictured above and leaves enough room in the kitchen for a breakfast area.

Next week we will show you the finished paint on the walls, and cabinets installed.