Tanglewood in Vestavia - Kitchen Remodel - Week 2

Week 2 began March 9, 2015

This kitchen space is already starting to look like new.  The hardwood floors have been installed - a red oak was used to coordinate with the existing floor in the family room.  It's going to look even more amazing after they are stained and finished.  This is usually the last step in the renovation process, so we all have to wait!

The electrical has been reworked, allowing for  the sheet rock to go up.   

The sheet rock is then hung on top of the flooring. It's going back up on the ceiling too, since their lighting was replaced.

Next will come sheet rock dust.  But that's okay!  Red Mountain uses ZipWall technology to keep the dust contained from elsewhere in the home.  It has a zipper to be used for walking through, if you need to. Clean up is included,  if it should spread.

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