Week 5 - Ranch Renovation

New Cabinets Installed

Time has flown over the holidays with all of the work being done to the house.

New Year's Day was the first day of week 5.  It was spent cutting and installing baseboards, rolling paint on the wall, cleaning up, and working on lighting. Many of the sub-contractors were spending a little time off (not much), so the homeowners were hard at work with these tasks. They are eager to move in!

Week 4 the cabinets were brought to the house.


kitchen drawer bank

photo 1.JPG

Full heighth master bathroom cabinet

photo 2.JPG

Close up of bathroom cabinet


Cabinets in the kitchen are from Mid Continent Cabinetry.

purchased through Alabama Cabinet Co.  in Birmingham, AL.

The kitchen cabinets are done in the wood species of Maple with the Espresso finish and square design, while the master bathroom cabinets are done in the same but with the wood species Oak.

Carrara marble will be the countertops.  On Jan. 6, the countertop templates will be measured.  The time table on this could be two weeks before installation, maybe less.

The folks at Alabama Cabinet Co. are terrific to work with.  Check out their web site.  Their kitchen designer helped us design the layout easily and quickly.


Kitchen cabinets up